Visa for Visiting Relatives

Can she extend this to another month? If yes, should she do it here at the NIA?

I’m almost certain she could if she wanted to, but if memory recalls correctly from when I’ve done this in the past, it would be at BOCA, not NIA.

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For reference, my mom got the Special COVID-19 entry permit to visit relatives in Taiwan.

  • The visit period is for 60 days.
  • They asked for proof of purchasing a ticket after all documents were accepted but before approving the visa.
  • It took us almost a month going back and forth with TECO - Toronto.
  • Birth Certificate was eventually not accepted after having stamps from every possible office.
  • I just became Taiwanese citizen and they asked me to register my mom who is a not a Taiwanese citizen in my household registration transcript in English. For that, the birth certificate was accepted.
  • English transcript of the Household registration was accepted as proof of blood but it says this is not an official document in there… Taiwan logic.
  • Our original citizenship shows 2 last names (Spanish names) but my mom’s Canadian passport only shows 1 last name so I had to argue with TECO about it and they asked me to sign an affidavit stating that this person is in fact my mom…
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they are so rigid that it doesnt make sense some time…
we wanted to invite my mother in law, they asked for birth certificate to prove she is my wife’s mother, and our marriage certificate to show my wife’s maiden name.
Our problem is that all these documents are from another country, not where my MIL lives, so they told us to go there and have it signed by TECO first.
I explained that we are in TW, and my MIL is 77 and that making her fly 5 hours to another country to get a document stamped is very difficult for us… to no avail… like im talking to a wall.

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