Visa for Visiting Relatives

Has anyone applied for a visa for visiting relatives in Taiwan?

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
“Beginning March 1, 2021, individuals wishing to travel to Taiwan for purposes other than tourism and social visits may apply for a special entry permit with an R.O.C. overseas mission by submitting relevant documents and forms.”

One of the purposes listed is foreign nationals visiting family.

What I’m confused about is how to properly submit documentation of “Proof of relative’s residence in Taiwan” and especially “Proof documents for relationship.”
English: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)
Chinese: 外交部領事事務局全球資訊網-外籍人士來台探親申請停留簽證手續說明

For instance, what is a Household Registration? I’ve asked several friends in Taiwan and none of them seem to know either…

By the way, I’ve already contacted both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and my local Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and all I get back are auto-generated emails with links to the same info.

  • Proof of relative’s residence in Taiwan:

if your family member in Taiwan is a Taiwanese citizen, the person has a household registration. You should ask to the person to get the document at a Household Registration Office. The person must know.

If your family member in Taiwan is a non-citizen national of Taiwan or a foreigner, the person has a document to prove a permission of residency;TARC, ARC, or PARC. You should ask to the person to send you a notarized copy of the document.

It says a proof of ''residency", so I doubt if you can visit someone on visitor visa, visa exempt, or special extension of stay, but if you can, you should ask the person to send a notarized copy of the visa, entry stamp, and/or permission of extended stay.

  • Proof documents for relationship

What is the relationship between you and the person in Taiwan?

If the person in Taiwan doesn’t have a household registration, it is a birth certificate showing a blood relationship from you to the person in Taiwan. If the person is not a parent or child, you need multiple birth certificates. Or if the person is your spouse, marriage certificate. What is confusing?


Except my birth certificate doesn’t have my mother’s name anywhere on it. It only says county, date, sex, name. We’ve both been married and had our name changed too. Old tax returns from back when I was her dependent might show that I’m her daughter, but again, the names will be different. She also hasn’t gotten through to TECO. Do they need a DNA test? I’ll go over there and find out and report back.
We are shootting for next November in hopes that airborne death with have passed by then.

I’m afraid you might need documents to prove your name changes too…

Thank you for the detailed reply. So is 戶籍謄本 what we’re looking for?

I have two aunts and two cousins there (and an uncle by marriage, but I assume it has to be by blood). I’m hoping one of my cousins will know how to get the Household Registration.

I guess the other thing I’m confused about is how the Household Registration proves their relationship to me…


You need a 戶籍謄本 of one of them

that is to prove the person’s residency in Taiwan. If you or your parent are on the 戶籍謄本, it can also be used to prove your relationship, but if not, you need
documents to prove the relationship between the person and your parent, which must show they are children of a same parent, and a document to prove the relationship between you and your parent.

Got it, thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

Then I’ll check with one of my relatives to see if they can help out with this. And find out if they actually want to see me haha.

I needed to submit marriage cert, which was accepted, but then to extend visa, they required marriage cert be authenticated…a TECO outside Taiwan. I got that done with some difficulty.

Is anyone aware of the process to get a certified copy of my ARC to then send to a TECO office in Chicago? Can I get that at any Immigration Agency?

  • I assume the certified ARC copy, along with my US birth certificate would be enough proof of the relationship?

Looks like my wife’s US greencard will be delayed again so my mother is looking at options to fly out to visit the grandbaby in August.

My mom is here currently, and also applied for the visitor visa for relatives of Taiwan residents. The copy of my ARC did not need to be certified. I just scanned it in at 7-Eleven, then emailed it to her. She printed it and included it in her application to the Taiwan representative office in London. She also had to send my birth certificate (legalized by UK FCDO) and proof of her name change since she remarried after I was born. Maybe rules vary from office to office, best to ring them and confirm if possible.


How long did she get to stay here? Just one month?

im on a family visa for my wife and they capped me at 60 days since im not on the household registration at the time of apply for a visa, but i can upgrade it with a household registration that im listed on(and police certification ) in order to renew it and get an ARC.


Did she need to submit proof of air ticket? Here is my list of docs from US.

  1. Check payable to “TECO” - $160
  2. Email print “駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處通知-郵寄辦理預約成功”
  3. BOCA webpage print “Visitor Visa for Visiting Relatives” Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)
  4. Completed & signed visa application form
  5. Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months
  6. Passport (original & photocopy)
  7. Photocopy color ARC
  8. Original + photocopy legalized birth certificate and name change
  9. Proof of air flight.
  10. USPS self-addressed $28 Priority Express Mail
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60 days.

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The website says you do, but my mom didn’t and still got accepted.

The name change document should be legalized too btw.

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Some TECO is strict abt it… some don’t.
Yes. Name change needs tobe legalized too.
Only 60 days? How long did you asked for?
I am asking for 180 days, multiple entry.

You are gold card. Different rules, right?

I don’t think they look at gold card or not… right now.
The gold card office don’t have any jurisdiction too in visa issuance. Looks like we are at the mercy of the TECO office.

I was hoping my mom can get a one year (max stay 180 days) visa with gold card supposedly…

We didn’t ask for a particular length.