Visa: how long it will take @TECO in Seattle

Does anyone have any experience obtaining a visa in the United States for teaching in Taiwan. I secured a job, have received a work permit and submitted an application for a residence visa.

TECO did not tell me how long it will take. If anyone has gone though this process, how long did it take you to get your visa? (Applying at the Seattle branch)


Really fast.

As long as you have document all ready - I emailed my list of documents and they verified if anything is missing. (

I was applying Resident Visas.

I mailed documents USPS priority and they received it the next day and processed it on the same day. They mailed it back using the self-addressed prepaid priority and it arrived the next day. Basically 3 days total.

Aileen is the person processing visas.

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We used TECO Houston, but they mailed us back the passport, but no visa. No one has answered phone calls or emails. My daughter’s flight is in a week and I’m starting to sweat it. They wouldn’t mail the damn thing from tw would they?

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If they had approved the visa, it would be stuck in the passport, no? Maybe app. was declined

You think they’d tell us???
no reason for decline. I already paid her tuition too!

You’d think so. Another possibility is they approved it and forgot to stick it in.

Definitely keep trying to contact them.

Hopefully I don’t sound mean but no one knows. Especially with COVID it varies each week. Just talk to them about it. No one online can help you. Maybe they got their fast last week but now it’s different.

Does anyone have recent experience applying for a visa through Seattle TECO? Do they respond quicker to phone or email? Do I need to apply in person or can I send my documents via mail? (I’m applying for the Mandarin study (FR) visitor visa under the pandemic requirements.)