Visa options for online employment

Hey guys,

I want to visit Taiwan for a longer period, see how I like it, maybe stay for who knowns how long. It seems nice and easy to get the 3 month stamp, but that doesn’t give you an ARC and as I understand also difficult with signing contracts and getting health insurance.

I run and own an online business, not rich though. It’s usually not so easy to get a good VISA for this kind of work in any country, except a couple who has a freelancer type visa.

What would you recommend if I plan on staying a year? I will likely study mandarin, how much would it cost approximately for a years worth, enough for an education VISA? Also, how many hours do you need a week/month to qualify?

Are there any other good options for an online worker?

You can get a student visa through a Chinese Language Center. You’re required to attend class for 15 hours a week, and the cost for an 11-week course is around 27,000NTD (at least in Kaohsiung, though I suspect it’s similar in other cities). Most public universities have one of these centers, which means you can choose to live in any of the larger cities in Taiwan.