Visa Question

I have a multiple entry visa that I got last April. It is a 60 day Multiple Entry visa that I used once from last June. I came on June 20th for 55 days. The Issue date was April 19th 2004 and it is vaild to april 19th 2009. is my visa still good for when I come in September or do i need to get a new one. I have only entered and exited Taipei once since the issue date. According to my friend who i went with he says I dont need a visa and I can just buy a ticket for september is he right?

Hi gsm,

Visa validity date is the controlling date. So your visa is good to April 19th 2009. After that date, you will have to get another Taiwan visa to enter.

Great thanks that saved alot of work it was a pain to get in the first place. at least I dont have to deal with it until 2009 LOL