Visa questions

Hi all –
Any insight here would be appreciated…

My son was born in Taiwan and has an ARC (but no visa, as he got the ARC before he had a passport).

His ARC expires Nov. 14th, his birthday.

On Sunday we’re going overseas for 2 weeks. We’ll be back before the 14th, and then plan to stay in Taiwan until the end of December and then leave.

– Do we need to do anything special to get him out of the country?
– I had thought of applying for a visitors visa for him overseas and bringing him back in on that, but we’ll be coming back on a return ticket (and won’t be able to show a departure ticket) – will that be a problem?

Thanks! Don’t want to be caught at the airport and not let in or out…

Hey look, fresh meat for the ROC Military! But what is this? NO ROC PASSPORT? Hey, Richard when did they just start drafting ARC holders?!!

Your son was born in Taiwan… is his mom Taiwanese or a foreigner like you?


I went through this with my son…you will need to get a visa (a re-entry permit) as well as his ARC. Your son’s ARC should expire on his birthday and then the visa would also need to be renewed at that time.

So, what do you do… take your son’s ARC, along with his passport, your passport, ARC and visa to the foreign police office in your area… (where ever you got the ARC for him). They will give him a visa… which will be linked to your visa (or to your spouses…whomever you want) and it will expire in connection with yours. At the same time as you apply for his Visa, you can extend his ARC.

Good luck. (if you are who I think you are… :wink: and have more questions tag me over on Jennifer’s board.) I will be calling you later today or tomorrow on some other issues anyway…