Visa run destinations, rules on re-entry

I guess the new rules mean that if you leave Taiwan to do a visa run toHK,Singapore etc you can’t get back in!

This limits things greatly. Anybody got other ideas for cheap quick visa runs… I gotta get it together by next week. My ARC will finish and I will change to a new ARC. While you might have a chance of getting back into the country with a valid ARC, a non-valid ARC will probably screw you.

Anybody ever take the cruise ship out of Keelung. How does the visa thingy work on that?

I probly have a few weeks yet, but the same problem.

I’m thinking about Okinawa. I saw a thread somewhere about that.

If you’re on a student visa, why not try applying for a special extension due to SARS?

I would suggest getting all your papers fromt he Chinese school, pay your tuition in advance etc (as you would for a HK visa run), get a return ticket to HK (a dummy would do), then go to the police station and ask for a special extension ont he grounds that you want to continue your studies, but you think it’s unsafe to go to HK and furthermore you don’t want to go through quarantine ont he way back.

I think it’s worth a shot.


Just came back from okinawa, quick trip, stay overnight, process fee for a tourist visa is a little steep (about 50-60 USD). Fly over the evening before go back the next evening. They can do it in half a day. I’m still able to get an answer about whether a visitor visa is required before looking for a new work permit and resident visa or whether I could have just got a landing visa (or as I understand visa free entry). Its all VERY confusing!

Okinawa is very nice…naha city…pleasant place to go for a visa run…recommended…japan is expensive to eat …locals friendly…quiet spot but something different. You can find tatami accomodation cheap.