VISA Run in HK. Transfer or Clear Immigration in HKG?


I am currently studying in Chinese in Taipei. As I only have a landing visa (I am swiss), I need to to a VISA run next weekend. I book a flight with a 3.5 hours layover in HK before going back to Taiwan. Is there anything I should be aware of in HK? As example should I transfer inside the airport or immigrate and check in again?

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with 3.5 hours, just go through customs/immigration, walk to the MTR station, breathe a bit of HK’s unfresh mainland China air, and then go back inside and go to checkout counter and through customs and back into airport. It’s not rocket science.


Don’t have to go through immigration in Hong Kong. You can go to transit desk for your airline, get your boarding pass, and wait for return flight.

Unless you checked bags…