Visa run to Hong Kong for a Student visa

It would be very nice if someone can help me on this. I looked for the answer but could not find it.
Here is my case (sorry for the length):
I’ve been studying at Shida for almost 4 months. The problem is that for the first two months of my 6 months visa I studied at TLI. On the fourth month of my study, I tried to get a resident visa but I’ve told that to get it it has to be 4 months in the SAME school and that I was not supposed to change of school. After long talk with the Foreign Affair office, they decided to change my first 6 months visa for TLI (which is actually a 2 months extendable twice visa) into a 180 days visa for Shida. The only progress was the name of the school was correct and I did not need to extend it the second time (180 days). The problem now is that this visa expires on the 28th of March and my fourth month of study at shida will be done at the of March. Then I could have changed it to a resident visa… I think this is so stupid, I only need 4 days to complete the fourth month (and maybe 2 days to do the papers) and I could have changed it to the Resident visa!!!
I’m pretty sure they won’t accept it, eventhough I have a good grade and all the document for it. It is so frustrating but I have to get ready and prepare a visa Run in Hong kong.
So can someone please tell me what document I need for doing a new 6 months visa for studying at Shida:
I already have the certificate of enrollment
I guess I need a return ticket
A financial statement: How much money do I need to show ?
Any other document ?

Thanks for your help!

100,000NT is the standard amount of money you need to show. I don’t know the answers to the other questions but someone else likely will…

It really is a case of simply making sure you have everything the Shida folks suggest you have. Speak Chinese to the wankers at the HK visa office, know that it will look like you will never make it, but that you are a legit case and usually you will.

Shida should give you a checklist, make sure you have everything on it and then some.


Better yet, go to Singapore and do it. The hotels are cheaper, the food is better and the staff at Taipei office in Singapore are good people…not assholes like the ones in Hong Kong.