Visa Run to Kotakinabalu

Hello there -

I’m arriving in Taipei on June 15 and have yet to secure a job. I am extremely confused by Taiwan’s visa situation and wondered if you could help.

I am a UK citizen, so I understand I automatically get a 90 day landing visa on arrival, but I must first show proof (ie a plane ticket) that I plan to leave the country before the 90 days is up.

I have booked a cheap single flight ticket to Kotakinabalu with Air Asia for mid August to satisfy this criteria. If I find work within the 90 days, I presume that my employer will sponsor me for a work visa. I will cancel the ticket to Kotakinabalu, or else let it pass, or go for a weekend away. If I can;t find work, I’ll have to do the visa run to Kotakinabalu.

Is this correct?

Thanks for helping a naive laowai.

Pretty much correct. You’ll also have to undergo a medical exam, and it takes some time for the various paperwork to be done. So even if you find work in time, you may still need to make that visa run.

…except for they rarely check for an onward ticket and a travel agent booking will usually suffice…