Visa runs and FBI checks during coronavirus period

Stop saying it’s abuse. What is your problem?
You are not the government.
The law allows us to do visa runs as long as we do not do anything illegal here.
You are acting like Visa runs are illegal.


Ya I even asked the immigration woman if visa runs are illegal/bad. She said absolutely no problem so long as we aren’t breaking any laws. Just people wanting to pick a fight


It’s abuse in the way taking all the sugar packs from family mart. You can take a few. Not the whole tray.
I’m not gonna stop calling it abuse. I think it’s abuse.

One visa exempt run? Okay.

Wanna change to a visa? Okay.

Been in the country on a 540-day alleged tour? Not okay.


not ok, if authority says so. At least, it is not illegal.

If you take all the sugar packs from family mart, the store owner cares. If you do multiple visa runs, Taiwan doesn’t care. If taiwan cares, they can add a limit on a cumulative duration on visa exempt (visitor visa) per year or per whatever. It doesn’t affect people who you think are not abusing the rule.

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I used to know someone like that. Not sure what happened to him… :idunno:

xkcd arbitrage


Yeah, sorry about that. In theory it takes 30 seconds to write an email, but when it’s a complex issue and you need to get the wording exactly right to ensure there’s no misunderstanding, it taxes the brain, and I’ve had other things taxing my brain lately.

If anyone else wants to try, here’s the thread with the official statement Tando got. I wouldn’t mind translating another official statement.

Anyone can contact the MOL through their website.

In my view it’s more like handing over my passport to family mart manager every 90 days then getting a pack of pack of suger in return, if family mart had a problem or where worried I would get diabetes they would tell me or change their policy.

How many days do you think is okey?

Visa policy of Taiwan is not like that of the US.

Imo, Taiwan has no problem with wealthy and healthy foreigners practically residing in Taiwan on visa-exempt or visitor visa without residency, as far as they don’t do overstay and other illegal things in Taiwan.


It occurred to me, in the midst of reading this thread, that the Gold Card system that has been set up relatively recently is one attempt that the Taiwan government has made to get freelancers here under more “regulated” terms, while also simplifying life (one hopes) for Gold Card holders.

Baby steps…


I know we are now talking on things far from the OP, and nationals are different from foreigners, but, NWOHRs are treated in similar ways with foreigners on many things.

Taiwan allows multiple continuous visa runs to NWOHRs. NWOHRs who cannot get residency by any other means can apply for residency if they continue visa runs for 7 years.

Um, who?

I agree in theory, though the process isn’t clear and neither are the sorts of professions that do and don’t qualify. If it was easier to do this, I would happily pay to go through the process.

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Nationals without household registration. Taiwan doesn’t have traditional citizenship. Citizenship rights are afforded to people who have household registration in the Free Area of the ROC. This is a holdover from the olden days and a ROC national can be someone of Chinese descent overseas, a Hong Kong resident, Macanese resident or someone holding household registration in the PRC.

people who are teaching not only for money but because they like teaching.

Exactly. Just because Taiwan doesn’t have a problem with visa runners now, doesn’t mean that they won’t have one in the future. I suspect this will change after the COVID19 mess subsides.

Based on what? Visa runners haven’t been causing the outbreak.


because getting on airplanes and going to outbreak countries is not going to be a problem…

it is not my business if the government suddenly changes the policy and visa runners are forced to move out or find other ways to stay.

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If the mess has subsided, then I don’t see why it should be an issue.

Should they ban all normal tourists as well?

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180 days of continuous stay. One visa-exempt run. (or extension if Canadian/British)

Enables as much of an intimate tour as needed.
Enables snowbirding
Enables people to fully learn and research the country, laws, immigration procedure if changing their mind to live here.

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