Visa runs to Hong Kong

Just a note …

You will now need to pay HK 140 if you expect to get your visa back the same day - I’m afriad I don’t know about next day visa’s.

I paid that for a student visa and another person paid that for a normal 30 non extendable visa. I reckon it will be the same across the board for all visa “same day”


Ps: Oh, and beware of those Indian, Pakistani, ‘drie hoekie koelie koekie’ people … they embezzle you out of money … I will not give details … coz I’ll look like a total twat … but beware I still can’t believe it - happened so fast

Originally posted by NrG: Ps: Oh, and beware of those Indian, Pakistani, 'drie hoekie koelie koekie' people

Huh? what on earth are you talking about?

Ha ! That’s afrikaans … I am South African.

It refers to a samoosa - know what that is ?

Sure I know what a samosa is! You learn something new every day. But how do they use these to embezzle money out of you? Do they wait till your teeth have sunk into the crispy golden crust before rifling your backpack, or what?
Or maybe they threaten you with stale ones, using them like ninja throwing stars?

4 years later and the visa forum is still full of the same confused kids who can’t understand the contents of their passport. The more things change, the more they stay the same…