Visa with misdemeanor on criminal background check


I know the topic has been asked before but I am wondering if anyone has had success obtaining a visa and ARC since the new law? I have a DUI on my record from 6 years ago and what I’ve read doesn’t sound promising for me. I’m really curious to hear others experiences and what are the options for someone in my situation. Please no lectures about owning my actions and the consequences.

Thank you so much!

If I recall correctly it’s only cramschools (or buxibans) that now require an FBI check before they issue a work permit. I don’t think it’s the actual immigration authority. But of course you need a work permit to get an ARC. If you find a job with a public or private school though, then I don’t think you’ll need a FBI check to get a work permit. This is what I gathered from the news 2 years ago when this policy was first announced, but my info could be outdated or just plain wrong. I’m sure someone will add additional clarifications.
Also, if it’s been 6 years, is there any way you can petition for expungement?

And don’t worry, I save my lectures for repeat offenders who never learn. Everyone is entitled to one mistake and you shouldn’t still be paying for a mistake that’s 6 years past. Good luck!

Thanks! I actually don’t drink at all it was a big life lesson and a rough patch of life. I am not sure I am qualified to teach in private or public school. I am currently a preschool teacher in Tokyo, but I do not have the teachers certificate. Just BA and TEFL.

Worst comes to worst, you could try and plead your case to either the buxiban owner or the immigration authorities that you’ve been sober for 6 years. I don’t know how beholden to bureaucracy they are, but they might be sympathetic and excuse it.

Thanks! Truth be told I’m not keen on cram schools anyway. I’d much rather teach private lessons or at a kindergarten as I do now. I’m just not sure how the visa application would work. Thanks for responding. I’m pretty anxious about it. I always get anxious about it when considering a big move as it can always come back to bite me.


Short answer: you can’t, unless you have a Taiwanese spouse, plus specific credentials for kindergarten.

Please search for past discussions of these issues.

Yup, I did that. There was nothing super current. There was a looooooong thread that I read all the way through and towards the end someone said “I can confirm they are now only interested in serious crimes/violent crimes/ felonies.” So I wanted to ask again to see if anyone had more recent experiences with applying for a visa with these specific issues. Thank you for your time.

“these issues” are private tutoring or teaching at a kinder.

as for kindergarten