Visas and Language School help

Hi everyone!

Going to taiwan for the summer (April -> September) and want to enroll in one of the chinese language schools there both to learn mandarin and be able to renew my visa (as I hear tourism for 4-5 months doesn’t seem to be a good reason). Going to just study there and tour with a friend. I have enough funds to require not working for those 4-5 months.

My question is, should I apply for a Visitor or Resident visa when going to study in Taiwan? When trying to gain entrance to a Taiwanese school, what would I typically have to go through? Health screening etc? Would the visa office extend my visa based on the fact that I will be studying mandarin there?

And lastly, how do visa runs work? Say if I go touring in Taiwan for 3 months, my visa expires, and I go to HK and simply say I want to get another visitor visa for 3 months? Do I need a valid reason? Would they deny me another visa if they see that my old one is about to expire in a few days? This is assuming I’m not working or going to school in Taiwan and simply want to stay there for 5 months (no real valid reasons).

I wish Taiwan visitor visas lasted 6 months :frowning:

Hey phot, these questions have been answered plenty of times here and there. Look down this thread on anything related to visa runs or language schools. I’d answer it myself, but have PE class in 5.