Visitor Visa Questions

I’m planning to come to Taiwan to start teaching. I will not be taking a position until I get there because I’m not happy about taking a position until I have seen the schools, there location, and met the staff etc…

I need a Visa but what do I apply for? It seems that there are various cominations of tick boxes on the application form. I need to know what the implications of ‘ticking’ some of these boxes are. For example, do I apply for a single or multiple entry Visa? For the purpose of travel do I tick the ‘employment’ box or the ‘tourism’ box (and change this when I have found a position). What are the implications of ticking any of the boxes in this section?

I am worried that if I tick the wrong one I may lock doors that I am trying to open.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Tell the officials that you have always wanted to come to Taiwan and visit the Takoro Gorge, ever since you were a young child. Also, it has always been your dream to climb Jade mountain, which is higher than Mt. Fuji in Japan! Moreover, you want to see the old Fort there in the Pescadores, and visit the aquarium.

Don’t mention any plans for seeking employment, and ask for a multiple entry visa, in case you decide to take a quick trip to Bangkok and then come back for more sightseeing.

Yes, Hartzell is right. You are best off not mentioning ANYTHING about working, or studying for that matter. Apply for the multiple entry. Depending upon where you’re coming from you could luck out with a 1-year or even the notorius 5-year mult. entry. It won’t do much for you if you’re working illegally other than not having to renew it every time you leave, but that alone will make things far easier on your visa runs- a simple in and out.

Thanks for the advice guys. Only hankering to come back cos I was in Taipei for 5 months earlier this year (on business) and kinda liked it.