Visitors visa, can I extend it one month?

I have a visitors visa that lasts for maximum 6months. After 3 month I have to go abroad to extend it and after 6month I have to get a new visa. This has not been a problem before but this time my visa expires august the 3rd and I’m planning on going home the 20th. Is it possible to extend it these days some how?

Probably not, though you can always go and ask. If not, you will need to leave Taiwan and come back on a visa-free entry if you are entitled to one or with a new visa if you are not. If you have no plan to visit Taiwan again you can overstay and pay a fine.

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[quote=“tina109” and I’m planning on going home the 20th. [/quote]

I think they’re referring to this bit of your original post.

I think they’re referring to this bit of your original post.[/quote]

Oh I see… so you guys have never ever left Taiwan since you got here? Wow… at least I think it’s nice to see my home country once in a while…

Just that the phrase “i am going home” without further explanation tends to mean you are leaving where you are to go home and no immediate plans to go back.

Most people would add “I am going home for a couple of weeks” or some such?

Don’t overstay without permission if you plan on coming back soon.
You could try for an extension – give them some kind of sob-story or something – but if you tell them you want to go home for a holiday, but not until your visa has already expired, they will not be sympathetic. Maybe you could try telling them that you can’t find an available flight before the 20th? It’s a very long shot, though.
Cheapest option would be to bring your holiday date forward a couple of weeks.

I understand, so this is going to cost me some… well, maybe my boss can fix it because it would be even more expensive to rebook the flight :ponder: I need to go to home to finnish some exams in the end of august and I don’t want to go home before the 20th because of my job this summer. My boss wouldn’t be too happy about it :neutral: