Visitors visa to study turned to work visa?

I know this question HAS to already be answered, but I have not found it. I must be losing it.

I am here on one of those Chinese School visitor’s visas. I have recently gotten a work permit (3 months). Because the renewal for the chinese school thing can go up to 6 months and the work visa is only for 3, I would like to just renew with my chinese school.
Is this possible?
Are they going to see that I have gotten a work visa and make me leave?
Do I HAVE to turn my work visa into an ARC?

How possible is it to just ignore the existance of my work permit and renew with the papers from the language school?

If this is NOT possible, do I have to leave to change my visitor visa into a work visa? I do, don’t I?
And if I do, what is the location that is easiest and asks the least questions?

(if this has been answered, just link me and call me stupid)


So I can continue to use the chinese school for my Visa, even though I work? This won’t cause complications?