Vitamin Panel Blood Test in Taipei [Help Needed]

I need to do a vitamin panel (A, B-12, C, D in particular) in Taipei and apparently this nutritional test is not covered by NHI. I’ve been quoted 5000 NTD by a clinic and it seemed overpriced but I’m not sure about the price range for this sort of thing in Taiwan.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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You could simply do this during your health checks each year. This is paid for if you do it this way but I’ve asked to come back a few months later and have just the bloodwork done and was quoted similar to what you posted - though I included a few more things.

I’ve been told that private clinics could order things done but I didn’t have success in the only place I tried as the doctor couldn’t figure out why I would want such things if ‘nothing’ was wrong. I did get a doctor in a large hospital to send things off though - he said that if a doctor orders them, they are paid for by NHI but, if not, we need to pay out of our pockets.

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it’s similar to the price I was quoted a few years back. I was also quoted 5000 ntd for this test. wasn’t able to find a way to do it through nhi

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Health checks don’t include vitamin panels

It depends what you mean by “need”, but if there’s a genuine medical need you could try going to an appropriate doctor at a hospital for them to order the tests.

I agree that NT$5,000 sounds overpriced. I don’t know the exact prices for all of the ones you mentioned, but I had vitamin B12 and B9 (folic acid) tests at Mackay 18 months or so ago and those weren’t unusually expensive (I’m guessing several hundred each, but they were mixed in with some other stuff). This was through a neurologist (although the choice of doctor would depend on the condition of course) and self-paid as I didn’t have NHI at the time.

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Thanks. B12 alone is 400 NTD. I think Vitamin D is expensive, and the others (A, C) might also be. I was told that hospitals don’t usually do general nutritional tests such as this one.

You have to ask for it to be done, of course, but can take out unwanted procedures if you don’t want.

Gotcha, thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I have no clue how to get this done…My company recommends a hospital for yearly health checks and they don’t have the option to do the vitamin blood panel.

Hey, I was wondering if you ender up getting a test. I’m also looking to get a vitamin panel test, but don’t know where to go. My doctor from the hospital was dismissive when I asked her.

For the clinic that quoted you 5,000NT, did they have a vitamin test package? Or did you have to pick your own?

Thank you for your help!

Which vitamins do you need to get tested? I ended up getting one at my local clinic at that time. Packages will include a lot of unnecessary stuff to increase the price. Just get exactly what you need. Some vitamins are cheaper than others.

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I’m not exactly sure what I need. I’m looking for a package that tests the essential vitamins and minerals (especially B12, B6, D, magnesium). Do you know if something like this exists in Taipei?

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