VMWare problem

Hi Folks!

I have VMWare and it wouldn’t start if my host computer is not connected to a “network”.
Unfortunately, I only have one computer.
I want to run at least 2 guest OS at the same time and be able to simulate a network.

Do you know any easy way (cheap, fast) to trick the host computer that is connected to a “network”.
I have tried the cross cables and no success. =(


I have no idea what VMWare is, so I have no idea what I’m talking about. But you if have to give it the IP of another computer, maybe you can use which always points back to yourself, if you know what I mean. So 2 programs on the same computer can communicate using a IP address of eg. if you are running a webserver, you can access it with a browser on the same computer if you point the browser at

VMWare is a software that allows you to install guest OS on top of your host OS.

So while running Windows 2000 wks (host OS), you can also run at the same time a guest OS like Linux or Windows 2000 server.

You can even run more than 1 guest OS at the same time depending if your PC can handle the load.

The loop back address does not work since VMWare seems to check if your network card is really connected. I think this is a hardware trick (connecting it to a hub or some sort).

Connecting to a cheap hub might do the trick. Is the host machine connected to the Internet via DSL or something like that?

I sometimes faced the same problem and still don’t know the work around…I chose NAT networking at first setup… the virtual client can connect to the internet but not to the local area network…