VOIP / Receiving Calls from UK or abroad - Options in Taiwan

Hello again guys,

I’ve a quick question - I’m running my own internet based business in the UK at the moment, and would like to still be able to continue that while in Taiwan.

I have a friend in Australia who does a similar thing, runs his business from Oz and uses VOIP to take calls from the UK etc. He uses something like SOHO66 (soho66.co.uk) and I wondered if any of the community here had their own experiences with either Taiwanese or overseas (UK/wherever else) VOIP providers.

I’ve used Skype from Taiwan to the UK (and to my friend in OZ) and the quality seems great, but I know not everyone has good old Skype. Also I would like the clients I currently freelance for (and potential clients) to be able to contact me with just a simple phone number, which I think VOIP stuff will do.

Any tips/comments/warnings about unreliable providers welcome.

Reliability, uptime and excellent call quality are really what I’m after.

(**Edit - I’m expecting to have both a Taiwanese landline, internet connection and Mobile if that is relevant)

Thanks in advance for any info guys, see you over there soon :wink:


If you need to give a local number to your clients in the UK, you would be better served shopping VoIP in the UK, get a UK number and connect from here over the Internet. I use MagicJack for VoIP to/from the US as well as Google Voice/Sipgate to make VoIP calls to/from the US with my iPhone. The bottom line is that they are US services with US numbers. VoIP really hasn’t taken off here, but the services I’ve seen have been geared toward calls within Taiwan.

Other option is use SkypeIn. That will be able to get you a UK phone number, which will ring directly on your PC/mobile… so anyone in the UK can just call that number directly, you pickup the cost of the call but it is cheap. If you are not there to answer it will go to voicemail… it’s something like USD10 a quarter + fees.

Thanks for the replies there chaps…

Will definitely refer to this information closer to the time :thumbsup: