Voluntary Naturalization, TARC and dependent ARC for spouse

What happens to your spouse’s dependent ARC, once you naturalize and give up your regular work ARC to get a TARC ?

Will the spouse’s dependent ARC need to be updated/reissued based on your TARC ?

Anyone has experience with this ? Thanks

As this is not a common thing I would suggest to consult with NIA or MOFA on this topic (in case you havent tried that yet)


I have no experience, but am sure it should be updated based on your TARC.

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Thanks, I am hoping for that too. :crossed_fingers:
I will update this once I get it done.

Yes! My wife has updated her ARC once I naturalized. Now, in her ARC it is mentioned that she does not need a work permit. The procedure was very clear for NIA officers since she was my dependent before the naturalization.

P.S. But I have to add that I did not apply for TARC. I pass by it and got ID. So, maybe during TARC it will be something different.


this is for a spouse of a citizen. While you are on TARC, your spouse still needs a work permit.

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