Volunteer in Taidong?

This topic:

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … highlight=

is someone calling for teachers to volunteer in Taidong.

Considering that it is illegal for most foreigners to do volunteer work, and that the last person to do it in Taidong got deported by a local copper witha grudge against foreigners, I’d be very careful about this one.

As we can’t reply to the job listings, maybe it would be good fort he moderator to edit a little warning into this one.


In fact, it should be removed altogther. The rules clearly state that you’re not allowed to use Forumosa to promote illegal activities.

Agreed that that posting should be deleted. It could do innocent people harm.

Isn’t it only illegal for those who don’t have an open work permit?

James Dean is no longer able to advertise at tealit. Expect some of his former employees to discuss his practises in the ‘Teaching English’ forum in the coming days.

I’m looking forward to it. Haven’t had a good bashing-fest for ages!

It would be interesting if these kids are paying for this. I have seen it many times before where some organization asks for volunteer teachers but the charge the kids normal prices to attend.

Always ask if the kids have to pay for the lessons before volunteering to teach for free.