Volunteer Opportunities

I am interested in doing some volunteer work in human rights and development issues over the next year before returning to do a law degree. Does anyone know where I might enquire while in Taiwan? I’m amenable to most any sort of work provided it seems useful and I’m learning by it. My Mandarin is decent. I’m especially interested in issues related to aboriginal peoples and the environment. Any suggests would be much appreciated.

have a look around the Taiwan Philanthropy Informaiton Center site:

Let me give you, based on my own (very) bad experience, places to avoid:
Amnesty International Taiwan and
Taiwan Association for Human Rights

I won’t bore you with all the gory details of why you want to not volunteer for either of these places (plus my comments might offend the 'politically correct", “taiwan is wonderful” clowns who frequent this chat board) but…let me put it this way, “gratitude” ain’t the locals strong suit.

take care,

Thanks, Salmon and Brian. :slight_smile:

Brian I want to hear about your experiences volunteering in Taiwan.

Has anyone volunteered in Bali?