Volunteer work in SEA over summer?

I have July, August and September off from my uni gig, and I’d definitely like to get down to SEA for some sun, surf and … volunteer work.

I’d rather not teach as I do that for the remainder of the year, but I’d like to help out and do something constructive and positive with my time. Also, I’m not willing to pay to volunteer (I think that’s silly) - but I’m willing to give of my time, skills and labour.

Any SEA country will do. I’ll pay my way there, and would like it if the organization covered my accommodation and food. I’ll cover the rest. I’d also like some free time to do my own thing, travel and explore.

I was also thinking of doing another summer stint on kibbutz in Israel. The best way to get hard, brown and lean, quick sticks.

Any suggestions?

Is SEA a volunteer organization or do you want to be near the ocean?

I would recommend: Summer volunteer program

Woodpecker Life Assocation (WPLA), a government-registered NGO

Da Fu Elemenatary School (near Guangfu, Hualian County - Highway 9).

A true Taiwan experience. Beautiful part of the World. These kids need you as a role model.

Contact Bethany: alma01090208@yahoo.com.tw

or send me a pm (personal message icon at the bottom of this reply) I will relay the message.

I believe the summer program is still under construction. Feel like teaching these kids a special skill or just want to assist with manual labour. More than likely, WPLA can accommodate your interests. Flexible times.

I am a keen surfer myself. The ocean is just over the hill. (Coastal mountain range - easy access)

SEA = South East Asian countries. Not Taiwan. But thanks for the info.

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