[quote]The number of people inspired to spend their holidays doing something for others is rising. And this desire to help is matched by an increasing range of voluntary options, says Paul Miles.

Doing something “worthwhile” with your annual leave has always held a certain appeal for those with a social conscience: digging a well in an African village, perhaps, or painting an orphanage in India has got to be a better way to spend time than lying on a beach topping up the tan.

However, what is known in the holiday industry as “voluntourism” has gone mainstream now: last month, the holiday giant First Choice bought i-to-i, one of the biggest companies specialising in what it calls “meaningful travel”. And it’s not all work and no play, for many of the new breed of volunteer holidays allow plenty of time for exploring the destination and, yes, topping up your tan in you want to.[/quote]

telegraph.co.uk/travel/main. … VCBQYIV0?x

Cool. :rainbow:

Spying on someone for your own gratification is just perverted :noway:

Yep, it’s a new feature for Lonely Planet books too. For the new Taiwan guide, AnimalsTaiwan and Bark get a nice big writeup. I hope it helps them.

I’d rather be back in the 1860s spreading the Union Jack for Queen Victoria, carving up countries and ruling natives.

I heard Fred Smith will be traveling to Somalia, and Iraq to help the defenseless, the malaria stricken, and the needy. What a compassionate soul. Truly a Christian, nay make that assistant to the King of Kings. A personal assistant to the Great One if you will.