Voting for Biden because you don't like Trump is like eating fæces because you don't like broccoli

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So… if you don’t like Trump. Who should you vote for?


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Mickey Mouse or 2Pac are popular candidates usually.

Pretty sure they’re not on the ballot.

You can write it in.

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That would just spoil it and not prevent a Trump victory.

That’s the point.

So many issues with this meme. Looks like the 2016 playbook is back though with the whole “at least Trump is not Hillary” schtick. Just replace Hillary with Joe…

Why does such stupid drivel work so effectively? The same people that lap this content up probably also think most democrats want to defund the police and ICE. They are simply too ignorant and incurious to understand these are artificially created strawman ideas put in place by their echo chambers to keep them hating something obviously illogical…

Trump really ROYALLY screwed the pooch on his first 4 years. A literal doorknob could beat him this year, assuming he does not cheat to win that is. Throttling USPS - as there will be more mail-in ballots than ever before due to his shit-circus of a COVID response - seems to be the trajectory currently. Shameful stuff, but buyer’s remorse will surely prove to be more powerful than sunk-cost fallacy in 2020

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Fact check: True.

I don’t want to vote for someone I think is morally reprehensible just because his policies are better than the other guy who is less morally reprehensible, but has horrible ideas and is in obvious cognitive decline. Instead,

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Doesn’t’ work like that because Trump is kaka!

Eat some brownies and take a nap.