Vuze Problems (Firewalled)

OK I downloaded Little Snitch because I wanted to turn a Demo Version into a Pro Version. (Virtual DJ)

I ran Little Snitch, everything was fine, only turned off Mobile Me as I don’t use it, and the message box said it OK to do so.
(Still haven’t download the demo version yet).

Started up Vuze, and got a Red Smiley face and a red button (Firewalled)

Tested incoming port and it said it was OK, so basically I can’t connect to any peers…I really don’t think installing Little Snitch had anything to do with it, just though I’d mention it.

I also keep getting this message in my console in Vuze
[22:07:21.424] {core} [Watch Torrent Folder Path] not configured

and also this one

[color=#FF0000][22:03:26.395] {nwman} ConnectDisconnectManager::address exception: full=localhost/, hostname=localhost, port=0, unresolved=false, full_sub=localhost/, host_address=
channel=java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[closed], socket=Socket[unconnected], local_address=/, local_port=49916, remote_address=, remote_port=0
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} DEBUG::Fri Mar 05 22:03:26 CST 2010::com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager::addNewRequest::443:
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} Can’t assign requested address
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} at Method)
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} at
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager.addNewRequest(
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager.addNewOutboundRequests(
[22:03:26.395] {stderr} at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager.access$900(
[22:03:26.396] {stderr} at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager$
[22:03:26.396] {stderr} at org.gudy.azureus2.core3.util.AEThread2$
[22:03:26.396] {stderr}

oh my OS is …
Mac OSX 10.6.2

Thanks to anyone who can help…

PS I’m annoyed because a nice person here recently gave me a Demoniod code :wink:


Downloaded and installed uTorrent an it’s working fine (green lights) so is Frostwire…albiet still have damn slow download speeds…?

Mac users generally recommend Transmission as a client. uTorrrent for Mac is very beta.

Yes transmission works very well.

Your slow speeds could be a lot of things. You should go to preferences and increase the max number of connections, and try using encrypted to get past ISP blocks.

And don’t go back to Vuze. It’s a piece of shit that has recently been banned by some of the better trackers.