Wack Things in Taiwan 2017

Men with a cold sniffing, ALL DAY LONG!

I haven’t seen women do it, but lately lot of blokes in my immediate sphere sniff like their life depends on it. It’s not like there is no tissue in reach. Just a different upbringing, I guess. One sniff and we would get an earful from our old man…

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Sniffing is more hygienic than blowing your nose every minute as it also entails washing your hands each time.

So the they go with the sniffing as it’s much easier, less disruptive to their routine.

Using kitchen tongs in the bathroom. I hate it when I go into a restaurant bathroom and see kitchen tongs sitting beside the toilet for other uses like picking dirty toilet paper out of the toilet or trashcan. I never return to those restaurants.

Even Starbucks at Zhongshan Mingquan does it but I don’t eat at Starbucks and hopefully those tongs don’t return to the ice machine.

Would you rather they performed that task with their hands? You know they would if the tongs weren’t there.

Wow, you’re a sensitive boy, aren’t you?

You must have gone mental back in the old days when the beer houses would hang the tongs next to the dedicated vomit sink for breaking up the chunkage.


Did he just blow chunks into his laptop before he closed it? That show kind of makes me want to technicolor yawn, so I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

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Nope. He licks his sexy lips with his snakey tongue… :heart_eyes:

OK, now I really want to “yawn.”

Here, I’ll spice it up:

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You realize you’re not helping, right? I think I’m about to paint that six-pack all the colors of the rainbow.

Not specific to Taiwan. People with mediocre intelligence talking loudly all the time and NEVER SHUTTING UP! Like the girl in our office talking right now. Where is the icon showing a face close to exploding?

Here it is: :rage:

Holy moley.
You got no problem with the vomit chunkage stories, but you’re all strung out by a TV show GIF???

I know I’m not your therapist, but if I WERE your therapist, no judgement, but I’d have to advise, as you humies like to say, you got issues.

I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Somebody once forced me to sit through a whole episode of that show, and it left me with psychic scars. I guess I’m just not as in touch with my spirit animal as you are.

I tried the drum circle thing once, but the “sound therapy” just gave me a headache. Maybe it’s time to get some holistic body work done. Can refer me to a good Rolfer?

Guess it was from season 7. But we are at season 12 and things got much spicier.

Anyways, we fans stay for the writing:

Its references are ubiquitous, too.

I can’t believe that show is in its 12th season. I guess the female hunk-loving demographic wants what it wants.

What show is this?

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It’s just that it creates unrealistic expectations. After the ladies watch too much of that show, they start asking me “Why don’t you have a six-pack like…er, whatever his name is.” Then I say “But I do. Now go fetch it from the refrigerator for me.” For some reason, this usually kills the mood.

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