Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



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Happy New Year everyone!

A new calendar year doesn’t mean whack things will stop happening in Taiwan. Keep on sharing!

Whack Things in Taiwan 2017

Why is it easier to find tortillas than it is to find hot dog buns??
What the jeez is up with that??

Thanks Trump




Hot dog buns:

Costco (sometimes)
RT Mart (sometimes)
Florida Bakery (Main locations, not satellite locations)


Because when people feel like a hot dog, they go to 7-11. They only need to buy the one. Meanwhile, tortillas are for self made cooking, difficult to buy outside prepared as wished.

I guess.


I think you can by the buns separate at convenience stores. :thinking:


I think it’s weird/wack that some people think it’s save and that they comply with the law by putting a kid’s helmet on top of their empty skull. Too bad I was too late to take some pics.


I hope that isn’t quite as dark and Mad Max-like as it seems.

Not new, still whack: today was the first time I’ve driven a scooter in the rain in a year or two. And wow, unbelieveable how few people turn on their headlights, despite the poor visibility.


I drive with my headlight on when it’s raining, as I was taught to do. It always surprises me how often, while waiting at a traffic light, another well-meaning scooter driver will point out my “error” of leaving my light on in the daytime. :idunno:


Someone once told me once I was wasting power (energy/gas).


I’ve heard that as well. The safety factor of driving with the light on far outweighs any extremely minimal “waste” of power.

Besides, don’t scooters have an alternator/stator that keeps the battery charged while the engine’s running, even with the lights on?


A girl and her girlfriend walking around inside Jason’s Supermarket on a Sunday afternoon opening and drinking beers and then going through check-out a little drunk each with a couple bottles of opened beer.

This would not be surprising in many countries, but a bit whack for Taiwan.


They are clearly livin’ it up and I applaud them.

They can definitely get away with that in Taiwan. A bit surprised they remembered to pay for their beers upon their state of buzz.


… and drive like crazy shitz …


My favorite topic on this forum.


People lounging barefoot to dry their feet on a cold rainy day in the lounge of 4-star hotels like Shangri-la.


If you can afford to be in there, you do whatever the hell you want.



Yea, and if you can’t afford it but just walk in off the street and drop on a couch, you also do whatever you the hell you want.


I remember being barred from the privilege of paying like NT$1500 for a coffee in the Peninsula (Kowloon)'s lobby restaurant because we were wearing Tevas.
They probably would have shot this guy.


You mean James Bond’s scene is fake?! :eek: