Wack Things in Taiwan 2018


lean in together, you filthy peasants.

Where can I score this sweet KMT swag? What’s the website? Hopefully they ship to 7/11


Fuck the hats, I want to know where a guy can get those awesome nipple high kecks!


For fuck’s sakes, why is this stupid gesture still so friggin popular?

I literally had to sit my boss down at a huge company many years ago and explain how we couldn’t have the model on the front of our (internationally distributed) catalogue doing that.

Unless, I said, we were giving out free tugjobs with every purchase over US$200.

ETA: I just noticed the camera mark on the floor, for the love of Pete. :roll:

Stay classy, KMT, stay classy


Is it because they like fisting?

Beats me.


i like the fact that they are both standing on the very visible photographer’s mark.

and it’s not cropped or airbrushed out…



Dang, you beat me by literally 3 seconds on that one, huzzah!


They got it here?

That’s then so wrong on so many levels.


hey ______, would you like to go out on a cute date with me tonight. You do support KMT don’t you?

What do?



shake harder boy!


KMT Starter Kit



Then the Chinese is wrong,

“我是台北人” means "I am a Taipei native’

“Humans of Taipei” means “台北人”


Ooops, forgot one thing



I love this one


Can you explain it for a friend?


No, I can’t. I just think it’s funny.

It’s like a “spot the difference” brain puzzler, but I don’t see a difference.

Or you could say the new kmt is like the old kmt.

But basically it just looks absurd, so I like it.


Photoshopped to make them thinner, isn’t it?


Buddy on the left changes his brown chest-high belt and shoes for black ones.

Whatever the fuck that means.


Wow I am not astute at all


but I did find this one


Took me like 4 tries and about 20 minutes to spot it.

Yeah, I’m at work, obviously.