Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Or as they’re known where I’m from, Playboy thongs :wink:


Was just a matter of time. Now, either access will be denied or some sort of railing will be installed.


At 8:40 am some hijo de su chingada has started working both a drill and a neumatic drill in the floor above. Bobby is barking. The dog next door is barking. Dogs in our block and the block beyond are barking.

I am so tempted to go downstairs and pull down the power to the whole building. It is a holiday, you infidels!


I can’t believe I never heard of that place.


It’s not well signposted, you have to clamber around a bit to get to it and it’s kind of hidden away at the end of a harbour. Pretty cool place area for a stroll though.


Sounds like Taiwan’s Law of Noise has been invoked. I am still working it but it goes something like this:

If there is silence or relative quiet it shall be replaced with noise. When that noise stops it shall be replaced with a new noise, with gaps of quietude not to last more than a few moments.


I’m impressed. It’s not one if those things that kinda look like things. It actually looks like an elephant.


Had that happen recently. The offenders went to everyone’s door a week earlier, apologized, and gave a box of fruit as a gift.


I went to my favorite tea store (Preso tea) and I had a look at the menu to see if there was anything I felt like trying. My favorite one is the Alishan tea, and I noticed there was another variety of Alishan tea with an extra 4 characters that I couldn’t read.
So when it was my turn to order I asked the girl (in Chinese):“Excuse me, what’s the difference between these two kinds of Alishan tea?” to which she replied, pointing at the one I’ve never tried before:“This one is more expensive”.



8 am to 5 pm is normal.


I was just hoping they would respect the last holiday of the year, their National Day…And not wake people up on a day they can sleep in.


How long have you been living here?


“Sun Moon Lake Ropeway”?

How about cable car?


Holy crap!
An actual bona fide hot dog stand just opened up right across from my office!!!


Yeah! Holy Crap for lunch!


now you have no option but to share the location, thus doxxing yourself.


OK, so there she was, wriggling her way into the elevator while people were getting off, they never learn. First off, than on!

Two chubby old ladies taking the whole sidewalk where 4 abreast would easily fit.

Last, on Monday this idiot driver in a Lamborghini Aventador thought crossing Keelung and Zhongxiao intersection would be fun at about 150km/h




Sorry, nope.


What is this ?