Wack Things in Taiwan 2020

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The familymart by our house started to stock Johnsonville brats…


I feel like I have lost brain cells.

That BMW is so last year.

That sounds a hell of a lot better than the usual mystery meat they have on the grill.

Buddy better put a lock on it or someone’s going to ride it away…


I have to go to the immigration center in Yilan to renew my arc. I forgot the address because I haven’t been there in years, so I opened Google. I typed:“Yilan immigra…” and it autocompleted to “Yilan immigration DETENTION CENTER”.

Wha…what kind of list am I on?


Ringfit Adventure (健身環大冒險) on Nintendo Switch. Looks like a fun little fitness game, similar to Wii Fit.

Launched in the USA in October at $69USD ($2000TWD)

Launched in Taiwan in November at $2550TWD, immediately sold out, has been impossible to buy online at this price since.

Only way to buy it is to purchase from resellers who are offering this game at $3200-$3500TWD on Facebook or Ruten, or on PChome as part of a bundle with another shitty game they can’t sell.

Next stock is apparently due to arrive in TW in March.

Wow, really? Is it that good?
I’d heard it was good but I didn’t expect Taiwanese to like it… and in my experience Nintendo is much less popular here than in the US

People probably searching to find out where it is and go visit friends.

It sold out fairly quickly in the US too. Stock worldwide has been fairly low.

I suspect the shortage in Taiwan might be artificial, as resellers saw the success of the game overseas and bought up all the stock on launch day. On Facebook marketplace there are pics of sellers with piles of boxes of this game, each selling for $600-800 over launch price.

You’re making Yilan too great. We only need Yilan to be made great again.


Their first floor looks like the kind of place where you could get waterboarded. I was mildly concerned.


Someone gave up on their new year resolutions faster than I did!


FIFY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never seen anything out on the curb other than completely worthless rubbish, could be my hood though…

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Can you buy the accessories without the game yet? I already have the game.

Or could be my own furniture is rubbish. But most of the time I see practically new stuff out there.

If I was still in Taichung, maybe yes. 7 or 8 years ago the girl at the counter of the immigration office was gorgeous, she could have waterboarded my any time she wanted. The staff in Yilan is very friendly, but not on the same level.

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Drive around in the small alleys behind the most expensive buildings in Taipei and New Taipei. Lots of new looking stuff almost weekly. Rich people redecorating. Usually it sits out for days before someone takes it away.

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