Wack Things in Taiwan 2020

I still can’t believe that even with the 3G shutdown and the advent of faster 4G everywhere, that the networks still get congested at the same time, preventing me from sending a few bytes of data to say Happy New Year to friends and family. Get off your instagrams you hippies! :grandpa:

Happy New Year Forumosa.


And this is the first thread I see with the ‘2020’ on the title. Talk about positivism for the year :sweat_smile:


I kind of lost my appetite after I saw this painting on the wall at the restaurant.

I wonder why they think showing body and blood of a complete animal cut n half is appetizing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked in a meatpacking plant and I know what goes on but doing this type of picture on the wall sure is ummmmm… different?

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It looks like a dog. :hushed:



That makes sense…but then why are there four pigs? :thinking:

It’s pretty wack to see girls walking around with umbrellas on a beautiful blue sky comfy weather day like today.

This wacky story never ends.

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How does “I really like the green tangerines” turn into “I dislike all orange fruit”?

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What is that?

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The fucking HORROR!!!

I’ve walked with an umbrella a few times on sunny days. I’m not even a pretty girl . :grin:

What???!!! :astonished:

Yeah :grin: I don’t give a fuck and I’m the colour of a polar bear on a good day.

But do you have a bump on your forehead??

Nope …Thumps head off wall.

I believe it’s roasted cured pork with cheese on it.


Taipei has exclusive parking for spin classes.


Ah the time of the year where practically new stuff is put out in the curb…