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Let’s say a friend back home was considering coming to Taipei to work and wanted your advice regarding Funny Tobacco. Being a beer-swiller from way back and living far from Taipei, I am not sure of the facts. Strange, come to think of it - all my friends are drinkers.

How hard is it to get the green stuff, what are the risks of getting caught and doing time, what’s the quality like, and what is the cost for a reasonably heavy user.

From what I’ve heard the answers to the above are; not too hard, low risk, pretty crappy, and expensive (seldom less than 10,000 a month for regular use).

Buds are hard to come by and not normally worth the trouble. Tarry is easy to get and is often not bad. NT$10,000 gets you about 17g-25g, usually.

Or so I’ve heard.

If your friend is burning through ten grand a month, then this is all academic 'cause his chances of catching the plane on time after driving at 15km’s per hour along the freeway are pretty much zero.

I’ve wondered how common it is for foreigners to grow their own here. Even in the heart of Taipei there are plenty of private secluded rooftops and balconies, most neighbors wouldn’t even recognize it anyway, and if watered daily in this hot sun it would probably grow quickly. Or indoors might be even better if one could find the right lighting. I had a friend back home who knew a guy who obtained 5 pounds every 3 months in his garage which he unloaded for $4,000 a pound. But of course to do that would be wrong and those people are to be condemned.

The local folks seem fairly up to date on their bud recognition these days.

This from the Taipei Times last year:


[quote]South African male resident of Taipei was arrested on July 17 for cultivating marijuana. Police claimed that they discovered the crime by happenstance as the man was growing the plants on the balcony of his Neihu apartment. Accompanied by television cameras and a search warrant, police stormed the man’s apartment, collecting two mature plants and 4.2g of dried marijuana. The man is now awaiting trial.

An American male living in Pingtung County was arrested on July 25 for cultivating marijuana after police found 18 young plants outside the man’s home. Police recorded the raid with a video camera and later provided the footage to a national cable network. The man is currently awaiting trial.[/quote]

I recall the South African chap had been snapped by cops from an apartment opposite his on several occasions.


I’ve heard the prisons here are less than comfortable.


Any idea on just how uncomfortable it is in a Taiwan prison?

I recall Barlow and Chambers - two Australians hanged in Malaysia for drug trafficking - making a rather ironic comment (in hindsight) that they’d preferred being in a Malay prison as they weren’t threatened by rape. Of course they were ultimately hung.

Taiwan prisons remain a bit of a mystery (hope they remain so) but for example my head can provide what I imagine would be the horrors of an Australian, English or US prison, but Taiwan . . .


Thank God the bizzies are concentrating on this most urgent of social issues. It is comforting to know that as they wobble their way from one Yao Tou party to another the youth of Taiwan is being protected from a few middle-aged pot-smoking gweilos.

good post, that man… spot on…

Yup. I got quoted $5000NT for 10grams the other night. Doesn’t matter if you want 10g’s of the black or 10 of the green or half and half.

Interesting that this thread is OK by the mods. Used to be that subjects promoting breaking the law were deleted. I guess they are too concerned with potty mouth to worry about the Forumosa rules. :unamused:

This thread isn’t promoting breakign the law. It’s showing the dangers (high costs and prison sentences) of breakign the law. This post is a warning! :wink: (It’s a stupid law anyway).


Then I can repost my closed thread on What makes a good prostitute? Comparing prices, places and services and the dangers therein?
I see there is a thread now on pipes. How about sex toys and accoutrements (we warriors of sin)?

I’d say why not? Think of this forurm as a piece in the puzzle for future historians. Seriously.


Prostitution is illegal in Taiwan? News to me. It’s not as if there aren’t sex services on every other street in Taiwan’s cities. Yes, I know that it’s technically illegal, but so is turning right on a red light and we all know how strictly people in Taiwan obey the traffic laws. And let’s not forget all those street vendors who pay no tax - let’s go close down all the night markets and fruit stands, they’re breaking the laws!

Don’t forget - this is Taiwan. Normal rules do not apply in a civilized anarchy. I’ve never seen a less law-abiding population than the people in Taiwan - the Taiwan government has every law on the books but rarely enforces more than 10% of them, if that, and every day millions of Taiwanese blatantly violate half the laws in the country (especially when it comes to traffic!)

Oingo Boingo - No Spill Blood

(what is the law? )
(what is the law? )

Animals came from miles around
Tired of walking so close to the ground
They needed a change, that’s what they said
Life is better walking on two legs
But they were in for a big surprise
Cause they didn’t know the law

(what is the law)
No spill blood
What is the law
(no spill blood)

(who makes the rules)
Someone else
Who makes the rules
(someone else)

The rules are written in the stone
Break the rules and you get no bones
All you get is ridicule, laughter
And a trip to the house of pain!

Chorus (in reverse order)

We walk on two legs not on four
To walk on four legs breaks the law
What happens when we break the law?
What happens when the rules aren’t fair?
We all know here we go from there
To the house of pain!
To the house of pain!

(what is the law)
What is the law

(who makes the rules)
Who makes the rules

We walk on two legs not on four
To the house of pain
To the house of pain
To the house of pain
To the house of pain
To the house of pain
(no spill blood)

Black always seemed to last longer (in the days when I had no deadlines to meet). I developed a preference for it waaaaaaaaaay back then.

Regarding the wacky backy…forbes has it as the cover story this month…


quite interesting.


Vancouver’s got nothing on my former home, Humboldt County, where even the DA says he doesn’t want to prosecute people for possessing small amounts of marijuana.


Unfortunately, he’s facing a recall election brought by rabid conservatives who don’t like that or his criminal prosecution of a timber company.

This prohibition is the greatest evil in the world today.