Waiguoren t-shirts


I’ve read some posts on here about encounters Foreigners have had with the locals.

Today I came across these blogs


And thought this would be a great thread to expand the list…

Phrases I would sometimes like in Chinese on my t-shirt

No, I’m British

I don’t speak English

Stare any longer and I’ll follow you home

I don’t have SARS

I have SARS
Out of my fucking way

650 p/h

Yes it is true

The same as on my head

100nt per question


Where is the airport?

Nosy little sod aren’t you

First day in Taiwan

I don’t want a receipt or a straw
Get up, I’m pregnant

You’re uglier than your photo suggests too

I have no interest in language exchange either

Spoilt foreigner alert

I’m always full

Victim of reverse racism

Ignore this message

Don’t feed the narcissist

Will speak English for sex

Betel nut girls don’t spit[/b]

You’re staring. That must mean I have a 3rd tit on my forehead.