Waitress sues over nickname

[quote]Waitress sues over nickname
A Taiwanese waitress has sued a workmate for giving her the nickname ‘Looking for Death’.

“I felt I was being insulted all the time in public,” the woman, named Xu, told a court in Taipei City.

Huang, a cashier at the fast food restaurant where they both worked, admitted coming up with the nickname.

But he said it was intended in fun and he had never intended to cause Xu any upset.

The judge told the court he had tried to put himself in the woman’s position by looking himself in the mirror and calling himself ‘Looking for Death’.

He decided he felt insulted and ordered Huang, to pay £300 to compensate Xu for her trauma, Taiwan Network reports.

Superstition upheld by the Taiwanese judiciary. On a related note, on the basis of a market survey a year or so ago, I advised a client to either rename a product or avoid the Taiwan/Hong Kong market. Their product contained number “4” in its name.

Would you sue someone who constantly calls you “Drop Dead”.

“Hi, how are you, Drop Dead.” :ponder:

Does that mean we can sue TainanCowboy if he’s not a real cowboy? Or Tigerman if he’s not a hybrid tiger/man like this guy?

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I just love how that judge solved the case:

He looked himself in the mirror and called himself names. Then he said hell, yea, she should win.


Thats why he was The GodFather of Soul…kiss the ring…

On a related issue, what sort of legal recourse do people have in a case where someone yells obscenities at them?

For example, the other day, I was driving, trying to turn right onto a two lane road. The third lane was under construction, and traffic was backed up for several kilometers. After waiting about ten minutes for someone to let me in (fat chance in the land of MEEEE FIRST!!!), I finally forced my way in by inching slowly into traffic, but not after nearly being hit by three or four cars traveling at very slow speeds, and being honked at. The last guy who nearly hit me and honked at me was some young punk with a look of pure evil glee on his face. I rolled own my window and proceeded to curse him out at the top of my lungs.

I’m not proud of losing control, though it sure felt good at the time. Theoretically, could I be sued for telling someone that he is a low-life motherfucking prick?

[url=Woman in Hualien gets fined for telling someone to f**k off just theoretically![/url]

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