Walkie-Talkie Hiking (license need?)

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased a Walkie-Talkie Two Way Radio model SMAT AT-329 similar to baofeng. My primary purpose for this is to be able to communicate with group during hikes as well as contact emergency frequencies if needed during mountaineering activities.

I suspect this piece to need some kind of licensing. I’ve had a hard time finding information on licensing requirement. How to get licensed? Which frequencies are free to use such as FRS in the US? Do we still need licensing if only using free frequencies?

Any info would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks.

It depends on the power / range. Basically the Watts. You can ask more about this in the shops in this building’s basement:

Also I remember there was some guy here who knows a lot about this shit, but he was reluctant to give me much information because well, I have a pair of radios and no licence… well, actually I don’t remember his nickname but this other forumosan is knowledgeable: @Taiwan_Student.