Want to meet Rep. Davis (R-Va.)? Call his company

GOP access in action

If you want to see Congressman Davis, you’d better call ICG, a company set up by his friend employing his wife and ensuring that only the well-heeled are allowed past the velvet ropes in

Of course, they do seem to be “gainin’”:

[quote]ICG’s relationship with Davis has played out on a number of levels. The firm has arranged for clients to meet with Davis in his congressional office. Upson has set up dinners and receptions with the lawmaker for his clients. And ICG has arranged for clients to testify before Davis’s committee. In one case, Upson’s team wrote the testimony. Some of those clients, who pay ICG about $8,000 per month, have told The Washington Post that their testimony was a part of marketing strategies developed by ICG to bolster the clients’ “clout” and “visibility” on Capitol Hill and with government contracting officials.

On one occasion, Upson helped a client write a threatening letter to the Pentagon that was then sent out with Davis’s signature on his committee’s letterhead.[/quote]

Like a puppet, Davis does whatever his GOP corporate buddies tell him.

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I must admit to a nasty weakness though. Over the past two years, I have learned to take MFGR less and less seriously BUT I have in the process become addicted to his snake-oil salesman slicksterism. I simply cannot get enough of his MFGRisms. It is becoming a sad fixation but one that wins me accolades at parties.

Now, let’s predict the next move.

No, I never meant the word office, and it could have been a bureau but you said it was an agency. Got any proof of that? If not, then sorry thanks for playing, but denial aint’ a river in Egypt. Clearly, the office (you do know what the word means don’t you) is in no way a bureau or agency or administrative function and bureaucracy don’t make me laugh. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about and the folks at home deserve to know, etc. etc. etc.

And what color was the office, bureau, administrative organ, agency? Do you know? Now run off and find proof of what color it is or you have no case?

Red? Oh well then, that’s great but what kind of office furniture or should I say agency furniture did it have?

Okay, oak rollout desks? But where was the oak from? And how do you know it was oak? Okay, you have one link but where’s the independent verification that it was oak. Oh two more sources? But the oak may not have been French? And when you say French oak do you mean like the style or wood that is ACTUALLY from France, huh? what?

So, you don’t think there’s anything wrong with this situation? I guess the idea of payola for access is an old idea, it just takes a Republican to think to formalize it by setting up a corporation to sell access. Good of them to draw upon the the lessons familiar to smart public-procurement officials in places like sub-saharan Africa and South America.

Of course. So deal with this person. Investigate him. Punish him.

Yeah, it is a Republican thing. And when did the likes of you start caring about this? Seems to me that the Oil for Food program, the largest financial scandal in world history might have generated some interest from you before but no. You are all for leaving the big players alone to concentrate on this little fish? What are you afraid to wade into the deep water? Prefer playing at the kiddie end of the pool? I guess so otherwise you would be looking at the lurking scandal of Fannie and Freddie Mae and all the Democrats with their fingers in the pie. haha

Maybe they learned this from Joe Wilson (an “expert” on Niger) and his wife (arms proliferation “expert” Valerie Plame)? Might as well drag them into this too since your smear efforts in that area seemed to have failed so abysmally. But while the wording is hardly inspiring, I have to admire your tenacity in refusing to accept reality and to live to fight another day. Why don’t you start three more threads this morning since I am sure that somewhere there is, was and will be Republicans that “may” somehow be “involved” with corruption or unethical behavior somewhere. I hear that the Mayor of Podunk, South Dakota may have used his influence to get out of paying a speeding ticket. There is also the city councilor in Spigot, Iowa who may have helped his brother in law get a government contract as a dog catcher. OH and don’t forget that deputy lieutenant assistant treasurer in Butt Fuck Nebraska who may have used $5 in public funding to pay for a lunch with a cup of coffee. It is not entirely clear that the lunch that day was actually related to any government business. There, there, MFGR the ever-intrepid investigating reporter ever on the alert for malfeasance but “important” government officials. hahaah

So, will the GOP install drive-thru service windows by which we can make requests from whoever the next “Abramoff” gets to be?

Drive through windows seems to imply a pretty small scale effort. In the meantime, full scale 5-star hotel catering for millions seems to be the comparison of choice when looking at the scandal set to rock Fannie and Freddie Mae and the Democrats. How kind of you not to notice. haha MFGR enterprising, every-intrepid report of scandal, abuse and ethically lapse in Podunk, Spigot and Butt Fuck cannot seem to find the massive “elephant” in the room right here in DC! hahaha. I guess your newspaper might want to relook at credentialling you again! hoo hoo haha

Five-star hotel catering? Well, “drive thru” service can be made just as fancy as the GOP wants it …