Want to study chinese at a Chiayi county university

I live in Pouzeh, so I dont actually want to travel at Chiayi everday, I will though if necessary. Can anyone tell me a good school where I can go to class in the mornings? (I work in afternoons on weekdays). Also, how does applying for the LEP scholarship work when you’re teaching here and not on a student visa? Or would I be able to get a university scholarship instead?

Thanks so much :lick:

No idea where Pouzeh is… I know Chongcheng uni in minxiong probably has a huayu centre though, you can try there :slight_smile:

It looks like National Chiayi University’s language center in Chiayi City is your only option. National Chung Cheng University in Minsyong does not have a Chinese language center.

Puzi is west of Chiayi on the way to Dongshi. Near Taibao.