Wanted... dog crate

hey there… we’ve adopted a street puppy and she needs a room of her own. she’s going to be a medium sized dog so it can’t be too small. any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if anyone has any up to date information on this? I found the post regarding the Linkuo shop but I’m wondering if there is any place in town.

I’d guess most pet shops would sell them, although you’d have to find a bigger pet shop and I only know of a good one in Taoyuan, sorry I can’t be of more help.

That, plus a street puppy adopted in 2004 is now either going to have had a place to call home long ago, or… :wink:

Hey there… thanks for the posts.
Ya, I can find the cheaply made so-called crates here but I’m actually looking for the airline certified ones.
And yes, that dog is much bigger and now has to share her kennel with another street pup that my wife brought home and they are getting cramped :slight_smile:
Thanks again

I saw some really big strong metal cages in Taoyuan and they also had all sorts of transit cages, I’m just sorry I can’t help you out with a place in Taipei that has them.
The shop in Taoyuan is located here the one with a parking lot diagonally across from the park. There’s another one here in the building with a red bit on the white roof I think, or at least near there, just next door to a 3C shop. So if you fancy a drive, either of those two shops have a good selection of cages.

Cat Garden, in Keelung Road, has the FTAA approved cages.

It is the fouth store in line on the left side -facing Kellung Road, on your right you will have the temple- from the entrance to the Liaoning -best known as Tonghua- Night Market.