WANTED: Properly translated Matrix Trilogy

As the title suggests.

One thing i have noticed since learning chinese is how i credibly wrong the subtitles are in chinese. I know all of you have noticed it as well.

So to start would like to go with the matrix trilogy as its super poluar and famous, taiean is advertising the new theatre mateix and really would love to watch the matric with non bilingual friends without needing to stop every 90 seconds to describe the point being made. I dont mind buying it on dd or whatever. Download. Anything. Just want the subtitles to be at least -ok-.

If anyone has any sources please post or message.

Ps. I do see the irony in my wanting decent editing skills whilst i have a ton of typois above. But who is getting paid for what? Thats all :slight_smile:

Three spellings of Matrix in one paragraph!


Why don’t you do it yourself? If you’re aware of how the translation could be improved, just do it. Sounds like you’ve already translated it at least once or twice anyway…

Rooftopclown. It takes a certain level of skill to type that horrible and stillremain unaware! I just reread…so ya. This is why i hate phones.

Tboy, the first post should give you enough reason why i dont translate and edit anything. Plus my qritten cinese is poor and there are legal reasons.

Ideally the companies getting paid and have distribution rights might have a good translated version of such a famous film. Either dubbed or subtitle, im not picky.

But if someone has info where to find would be grateful!

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