Warehouse space?

I was wondering if I could get some space to store my things at a cheap price.
I will go back to USA for a while (3 months), but then I will come back to Taiwan.
I bought many pieces of furniture (e.g. kitchenware, books, bedding, tables, chairs, sofa, television, refrigerator, etc.)
It would be wasteful to sell them before leaving and then buy them new when I am back.
My landlady said that she will not keep the stuff for me…
…and my friends do not have any space left.

Do you know of any warehouse space that can be rented for cheap???

We need a fridge etc in our apartment, and if you want to bring them over you can safely store them with us for a few months for free! Give me a call at 09 30 394178, or email: lonewolfpress@hotmail.com
Happy New Years Everybody! :stuck_out_tongue: