Warning --- Teaching in China... FYI

Contemplating moving to China to teach English? Think Again or Do your research in advance.


straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/world/ … 88,00.html

Britain tells teachers: Beware of jobs in China
LONDON - Britain warned teachers heading to China to research their job offers fully to avoid being defrauded.

The Times of London reported that the Foreign Office had issued an advisory after a Briton claimed he had been defrauded and arrested on trumped-up charges of rape during a ‘nightmarish’ four months in Shandong province.


Mr Mark Selley, 35, who returned to Britain last week, said he took up a teaching job last October at a school about 970 km from Beijing, arranged by a fixer in Bangkok.

He said he was promised single accommodation with heating and

They sent :shock: naked :shock: girls to his room and he complained :unamused:

But seriously, this is quite disturbing

[quote=“Rampage”]The Times said the advisory warned teachers to research the school and area they were planning to visit to see if their prospective boss can send naked girls to their room.[/quote] :laughing:

Sorry Rampage, I changed the quote a little. I know you didn’t write that.

Stuff and nonsense. Or maybe just biased reporting. One person has a bad experience, so the British Foreign Office issues a warning? :shock:

Bet no one has been screwed over here?

It just sounds like Taiwan, only more so, which is what I would expect. The naked girls/wife thing sounds like the Taiwanese blackmail trick called “xianren tiao”

Now I wouldn’t go that far. However, it wouldn’t be funny if it were some scam.

I want to know if the guy sent the naked girls away or was a normal red blooded man.