Watch collections

I have this IWC as well.

You seem to have a specific style you stick to.
That is really nice too.
No full stainless steel watches?

I don’t like how they feel or usually look. All the ones I like are that are at least in the 50k range. Mine are all around 18k. I’m not at that kind of level where I can get a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak which is what I dream of one day.

Just googled those… They look wicked.

It is crazy how expensive watches can get.

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People do however buy $120k-$250k cars which depreciate in value fast af and get rid of them after 5 years or so.
A watch like that will last you your whole life and keep its value.

That one is 20% too. Dang.

If you like those. Check out Hublot. They make something similar and also looks great.

There are some insane ones from Jacob & Co If you want to check it out. Like half a million.

HYT also makes this really cool one.

I’m not sure. I mean the 101 covers all of them. But I always feel weird going in and knowing I’m not going to buy anything.

I feel the same way lol. I went by a Rolex shop and looked at the models in the window. I wanted to go inside buy I know I won’t be able to buy one.

Is Rolex what you like? I personally find them boring. Great watches but there are many other I would look at before Rolex. Like Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Jeager LeCoultre, Audemars Peguet. Rolex is probably my least favorite of the high end luxury brands.

I like other makes , but the others don’t seem as robust , I just like being able to swim, race, drop on floor, anything …they hold up very well . The Piguet and Patek watches are great dress watches but probably not as strong . Only trouble with Rolex is the amount of copies…but I don’t mind that really .

My dad has this Patek that’s pretty robust. He pretty much only has Patek and IWC watches.

Another reason i don’t like Rolex is that it’s faked a lot. And it’s too well known by everyone.

Although I like the look, do you think anyone ever still uses the extra chronograph hands? Being as you’ll use a smartphone for any sort of timing tasks…

Does anyone “need” to track to cosmos on their watch?

I also like the big brand ones, but recently I’m more interested on different watches, such as those made by Tokyo Flash
They are quite uncommon and some even combine time and optical illusions.