Watch collections

Anyone on Forumosa an avid watch collector?
I recently got the watch bug and I am wondering what watches you wear?
Any pics of your collection would be neat too.

Not a collector, but my father gave me his Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch with the “moon” inscription some 20 years ago.
Nice watch with an unique story, always liked it.

I wish . I always end up selling them . Bought the Daytona new , but the Dealer offered a 30% profit to sell it back to him …that was 15 years ago …wish I had kept it .

Just stick with my 25 year old relic these days

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I have this Jaeger LeCoultre

And another IWC

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I too have the Omega speedmaster but the 40th anniversary edition… it’s an amazing watch.


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I struggled with Breitling and divers style watches , as the wind mechanisms seem to dig in to my wrists .the cosmograph was not comfortable

Love their look, but looks bad on my wrists. My wrists a bit small for them.

My dream is still an Audemars Piguet.

The best watch I’ve had was a plastic spider man one
whats a good entry level watch
could do with one given my phone lasts about 30 mins and I can’t get a new battery here

What’s your budget. Luxury watches from respected brand start at around at 15-18k USD.

Uhh about 1/50th of that


You can’t go wrong with a Seiko as an entry level watch.

Seiko SNZF17 Sea Urchin is about $150-$180.

ooofff you are in a different league here lol.

Those are very very nice. Damn.

I also like the seamaster a lot.

I got a Timex last week. Tired of buying sexy designer watches that can’t hack my extreme sports lifestyle (looking at you Calvin Klein). Mitsukoshi A8 B1 has the main Taiwan Timex dealer. Solid watches for 3K to 5K.

Here is my ‘collection’… An eclectic bunch, most of them not valuable except for 2 TAG’s. One of them is an Ayrton Senna Limited Edition

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Why did you opt for that case? Easier to take them out?
Looks nice. I also have an armani with a brown strap, I need to replace the battery though.

seiko sarb017 alpinist

If you are feeling fancy, get this and then buy a stainless steel bracelet for it from this site.

Thanks, no particular reason for the case, they are cheap on shopee. I just thought it’s better than all the watches in a drawer…

Is there any area in Taipei that has a lot of watch shops?
Kind of like camera street but for watches.