Watch Local Cable TV on Macbook?

How do you watch TV on Macbook?

I want to plug the cable TV (and possibly satellite) into the Macbook and watch TV on the Macbook. Overall purpose is to route local cable TV through Macbook into my HDMI projector so can have multiple windows open at once on large screen.

My research has found the eyetv for mac, but that have nothing that works with cable tv in Taiwan. Which I don’t quite understand because it seems any feed coming across the coax should work regardless of location. Unless that is a data difference.

The notebook usually only have VGA or Svideo outputs not inputs.

Therefore you would need to use a slingbox that has both RF for RF cable TV and also can input a satellite receiver as well.

Sling has Mac software so then you could stream in a small or large screen on your macbook.

You just need a USB TV-tuner that can tune in NTSC TV signals and of course works with OSX. That’s really it as the cable signal here is nothing but a standard NTSC signal.

This should do it:

Problem is where to find one.

no that will only give you the local channels which are braodcast free ( so basically all Chinese channels )…you will not be able to get the channels which u get on regular cable…

Indeed, a DVB-T only tuner isn’t going to do the job, you need an old fashioned analogue tuner

Sof if I have this right, I can buy a “tuner in a box” down the street, plug in the cable tv into once side, and feed into the macbook via USG, and all will work?

I wonder if tuning stations is accomplished via software on the computer, or via the “tuner in a box”.

Yes which is why I mentioned he should buy a slingbox because they can take in RF coax, and because he can also add the Satellite TV if desired as well that the OP mentioned.

Plus he can stream it to where ever he takes his notebook which the OP cannot do if using a fixed hardware.

Yes and a sling box costs 7k…
The problem is that there aren’t a lot of Mac USB TV-tuners on sale here for analog any more, but I asked in a Mac shop near the computer market today and they said they could order one in for 3k. Still not cheap, but cheap-er
The tuning would be in software and that’s generally the problem I think, more so than the hardware anyhow. They’re dead easy to use, attach to computer and cable TV signal, run the software, tune in and then you can watch whatever channel is available on the cable TV.
Plenty DVB-T options available though, for a lot less money, but I guess that’s not really useful…

Back in the States they had something called eyeTV by Elgato which was pretty good but I don’t know where you would find one of those.

Problem with buying a TV tuner from a computer store is that not all of them USB TV sticks have OSX support, which is why I suggested the Volar one. You might need to go to their website and see if there’s a newer model with coaxial input as well.

Edit: judging from the user manual it looks like there’s an adapter which allows you to hook it up to TV antenna or SD cable boxes: … 080707.pdf

The connection itself isn’t the issue, the tuner inside the receiver is the issue and that Avermedia thingie only does DVB-T signals, not analogue NTSC.

Considering how hard it seems to get an analog tuner these days, SatelliteTV’s suggestion might at least be the least time consuming way to go, if somewhat more costly.

[quote=“TheLostSwede”]Yes and a sling box costs 7k…

Plenty DVB-T options available though, for a lot less money, but I guess that’s not really useful…[/quote]

The least hassle for setup use and cost would be the sling imho

New ones cost around 5K plus new in Taiwan for a classic. Why buy new? Plenty of 2nd hand ones out there.

I sold Northcoast Surfer some Slingbox Classics for 2k good as new only a few months ago.

Slingboxes are faded technology now as much better placeshifting boxes are available on the market but for the OP a good choice.

Still researching.

I have a separate tuner right now for local TV due to the requirement to feed the signal via AV receiver out to the HDMI projector.

I have satellite TV feed also into the AV receiver and again out to the HDMI projector.

Trying to determine how to feed both through the Macbook. Considering spliting the lines, part going into the Macbook, for when I want to watch via the Macbook (so can have TV and other windows open on same screen), and also keep the current set up for watching without the Macbook.

The slingbox pro has a signal pass through, I guess that would make it easier, but it’s a bit expensive new … 7837&c=A10
I also saw this thing on sale … prodid=102 it’s a USB video capture device, not sure if that would be of any help, but it does at least work with Mac.

With the slingbox, does it sling across the room direct to the Macbook via the ethernet cable? Or out to the internet and back into my modem to the wi-fi and into the Macbook?

Or out of the slingbox via USB into the Macbook?

You setup the sling on LAN, it does not need any internet connection for you to connect in the home the way you propose. You only need WAN if you want to watch away from home. SO on lan you can run the cable TV into the RF port and the satellite into the composit. Sling Classic or a Sling Pro ( pro has higher res on LAN 640 x 480 ) Connect your MAC on the LAN Router and away you go. ON LAN you can stream around 6000kpbs and have the higher manual settings for video and audio quality. You can also connect to the sling by straight ethernet cable by setting up a static IP. If you are note sure just easier to use a router.

You simply install the sling software onto your MAC and that controls your slingbox. What satellite and what satellite receiver are you using as you will also need the IR Codes to be able to change the channels. is the wrong site for what you want. That site is just for streaming your sling to a http site and the quality is quite poor. You cannot connect to unless you have your own slingbox setup first for remote viewing on WAN. :wink:

Sometimes the best solution is to go with one device that takes care of all your needs. Unfortunately slingboxes cannot record the streams.

[quote=“TheLostSwede”]The slingbox pro has a signal pass through, I guess that would make it easier, but it’s a bit expensive new … 7837&c=A10
I also saw this thing on sale … prodid=102 it’s a USB video capture device, not sure if that would be of any help, but it does at least work with Mac.[/quote]

Yes and that wont help him with what he needs to have Cable TV and Satellite.

Really appreciate the help so far.

Well, I’ve decided to get a Slingbox and throw the video to my Macbook so I can display Macbook screen on the bigscreen projector i.e. watch tv, surf web, MSN, etc. all on the wall at the same time. I plan to push the TV feeds through the Macbook and back to the AV Receiver. Right now, everything flows through the Yamaha AV Receiver with one HDMI to the projector. The screen is ~13ft/4m long at the bottom so have plenty of video projection space.

Which slingbox should I buy and where? Does it need to be special from Taiwan to receive Taiwan feed or can I get one overseas?

Guess I need input for both local cable, and satellite feed, which both come into my room via the same coax cable.

Wonder if there are dual outputs, so I can feed to both Macbook and AV Receiver, so can watch the TV feed even if the Macbook is not connected.