Watching Sports on Taiwanese TV Channels

Warning: This is a rant.

Taiwanese Sports Channels suck. I’ve been watching Euro 2020 on Eleven Sports and Roland Garros/Wimbledon on SportCast and my viewing experience has been nothing short of absolute shit.

  • ADS, ADS and MORE ADS: The broadcast cuts to an advertisement as soon as a game ending point is completed. Sometimes a player will challenge but the broadcast will cut to an ad before we can see the final result. I’m also regularly unable to see a player’s reaction after some big points. Sometimes the ads will go on too long and you will miss half of a point. They won’t even wait for those extra five seconds… Same with the football games. Unable to see player’s reactions after a match ends.

  • WEIRD GRAPHICS: Eleven Sports had no scoreboard for the first week of Euro 2020, and once they added a scoreboard it often showed the wrong scoreline. Plus, the broadcast is 720p (not even 1080p)?

I know these are 0th world problems, but just wanted to vent here because I have nothing better to do in quarantine.


Rant away! I’m curious: Do they also play all of those weird sound effects in sports broadcasts like they do on the inane talk and panel shows?

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Ya sorry man…being a canadian and a hockey fan, since i moved here i fast learned internet is the only way. streaming is easy now.

I havent had a cable/mod/whatever connection for over 15 years. The tv channels are horrendous. Even discovery channel and national geographic have gone for shit. Cant stand it.


So you can see the Hockey finals live? and I guess you want Canada to win over the USA?

Live is trickier. I dont mind watching games later when i have time. im not that guy that wakes up at 4 am to see a game hehe.

And yes, Canada…

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