Water ionizers

Does anyone has any experience with water ionizers? Our “filter guy” suggested us one instead of our RO system that we currently use. He says water is cleaner, taste better and maintenance cost/per year is lower.
The company is called chanson water btw

If you don’t mind the initial cost.

Read about it here.

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I know what it is, I just wonder if anyone can share their experience. When I read about it on internet many says it’s great and about as many says it’s bullshit.
Also I’m wondering if it’s actually better then RO.

Read the link Belgian_Pie posted, the science behind them is flaky at best, it’s not going to provide purified drinking water. RO systems are tried and trusted, the bottled water you drink has been through an RO system, no one that I know of is producing bottled water using “ionizers” only. Maintained RO systems definitely work, the science is clear.

I’ve tried ionizers before. I’ve known people who had them. Always felt slightly uncomfortable after drinking from it. I’d say RO is really the only way to go here. You could always filter and boil your water but I don’t think that is as good nor as convenient as using RO.