WATER SPA & Gym IN Taipei?

Hi guys…

I will be moving to Taipei next month and unfortunatley have to give up my membership at this great Water Spa/ Swimming Pool /Gym - here in ChungLi. So I am looking for more than just a Gym. I know there are many gyms available, but I am looking for the extras also.

Here in ChungLi there is a weight room, cardio equipment , big swimming pool, hot spa type pool, large pool with many jaccuzzi-type jets to massage and relax different parts of one’s body, steam and sauna rooms.

Does anyone know of anything similar in Taipei? Hate to leave this place but the 45 minute commute will not work.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I know some of you will say this post belongs in the health and fitness section, but after reading that thread it was “just” about gyms.

Donald, I’m sorry I can’t help you with Taipei information. Would you mind giving the address and costs of the Spa in Zhongli?

Hi Donald,

I am member of the Alexander gym club, there are many branches and one of them is located in the Carrefour mall in Jonghe. The gym is nice and they have similar type of water park with hot bath, swiming pool, high pressure water massage and soon. Nice place to relax.

Go for a try, they let you go in for 1 time.

Good luck !

The one I belong to in Jhongli is called Dong Shin, No. 288-1, Shin-Shin Road, Jhongli ( Parallel to railroad in the back side of the Jhongli Train Station) Not sure what the yearly fees are these days as I bought a 2 year membership (two years ago) and back then it was $NT22,000 for 2 years.

Been a member there 3 years and always clean and in good working order.

I will head to Taipei today and check out that location although the location you mention is about 30 minutes from my apartment. But seeing as there are many Alexanders around, maybe I will join and have that location as a place to go when I have the time.

Thank You.

Thanks for the Zhongli spa information. I’ll check it out.

There is a place on Chongqing North Road Section 3 in Datong District, Taibei City. The one time I went there I used all the facilities except the gym and I was in there for six hours. I will edit this post with the exact address when I find it.

Not found it yet? Bad boy!

Anyway, I expect Sandman to leap forward with the exact information I need within minutes of me posting this. I did search first, no luck, and looked at the list on tealit too - they listed a pool, but gave no address.

Where do I go in Xindian to swim, other than the river? Looking for warm, clean, indoor water.

Not found it yet? Bad boy![/quote]

Oops, sorry, forgot all about it. Here is the address:

No. 202, Section 3, Chongqing North Road, Datong District, Taibei City 103

(North of the Chongqing North/Minzu West Road junction. Buses: 2, 9, 47, 201, 223, 250, 288, 302, 601, Beimen-Danhai, 14, 246, 255, 274, 641, 704, Guanyin Mountain-Beimen, Taishan-Beimen.) Singe-entry ticket NT$200. Various kinds of membership available.