Water sports in Kenting and Penghu

I’ve been to Penghu. On Jibei island they offer a good variety of towed water sports (banana boating and the like) on a per day basis - take as many rides as you want for the entire day. Do the operators at Kenting do the same, or do they charge on a per-ride basis?

I’m wondering if I should go to Jibei again or try out Kenting.

penghu is far more fun. not sure if you went to the same but they take you out to a coral island and do stuff all day. kenting sucks. not long ago one of them guys asked a lady to pay him before he would go out and save her drowning husband. I love kenting, but i think the heat has done something to their heads. nowhere else except my town have i seen so many messed up things.

kenting water sports, that i know of, are by the trip and add up. penghu, at least what we did, was an all day thing. all you can play. kenting has lots of other stuff to see though too. the park up the mountain is great.